Shawnee Police Officer Rescues Kidnapping And Rape Victim

Monday, November 24th 2014, 6:44 pm
By: News 9

Wanted for kidnapping, rape and domestic assault with a dangerous weapon, a Shawnee man is on the run. The victim was able to escape and an arrest warrant was issued for 28-year-old Jason Littleaxe.

The woman said it was her own boyfriend who raped and tortured her for several days. It took multiple attempts before she was able to escape to safety.

The home has since been torn down, but an old abandoned house on W. 7th Street is where the victim told Officer Robert Barton her boyfriend, Jason Littleaxe, held her captive for days.

“She advised me that she was held against her will. He took her to this abandoned house, tied her up. She didn't want to be there and she didn't want to have any part of it,” said Officer Robert Barton, Shawnee Police

The arrest affidavit stated the victim tried getting away while he was taking her to the house but "Littleaxe grabbed [her] by her hair and pulled her back into the vehicle and choked her."

The reports also said she was forced to strip off her clothes, had her hands tied behind her back and was asked the question ‘what room she wanted to die in.'

The victim told police she was beaten and raped, then allowed to sleep for several days.

On July 31 she escaped from her boyfriend while the two of them were walking to his cousin's house.

Officer Barton was first to arrive.

“As soon as we made contact with her you could just tell she was relieved,” he said.

Barton saw large bruises, burns, and welts all over the victim's body.

“I really hated to see that because she is a really nice girl. She's young. I really hated that she had to experience that,” said Officer Barton.

Police said they consider Littleaxe to be extremely dangerous. Littleaxe has had several previous run-ins with the law including assault and battery, larceny and possession of a stolen vehicle.

If you know his whereabouts, call police.