Shawnee Woman Says She Slept Through Home Invasion

Monday, November 24th 2014, 10:44 pm
By: News 9

A Shawnee woman was burglarized and she slept through the whole ordeal. It happened one night while she was asleep, and she did not realize it until she felt a cool breeze the next morning.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, admitted she's a heavy sleeper.

“Yes, I am.” She said. “I normally sleep pretty heavily. I've slept through the fire alarm at a hotel one time.”

Just recently she slept through something else that was much more dangerous than a fire drill.

“I never thought that I would sleep through somebody breaking into my house,” the woman said.

But she did and didn't even know it until she got up the next morning and was ready to leave for work.

“I walked into the living room to pick up my purse and get ready to go,” she said. “About that time a big gust of wind came, and I realized the window was open, and I looked around and noticed that my laptop was missing, and my purse was missing, and my camera was missing. So it was a very strange feeling.”

Even her winter coat was gone, which she now needed for the wind that was coming in from her dining room window.

“This is not real, and the wind blows again, and it's real,” the woman told News 9.

Someone came into her house through the window as she slept.

“They were very, very careful. The window they came in had a plant stand in front of it, had a Scentsy warmer in front of the window in the window sill,” she said.

It was all neatly moved to the side. She may have slept through the entire ordeal, but this was no dream.

“It's scary,” she said. “It's very scary.”

This was not the only home break in report Shawnee police have had recently. They have had several within the past few weeks.