Gas Prices, Airline Delays Down For Oklahoma Travelers This Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 27th 2014, 5:50 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

What started out to be a very rough travel holiday is looking up. Not only on the roads where drivers are seeing the lowest Thanksgiving Gas prices in five years but in the skies as well.

At Will Rogers Airport Thanksgiving Day it was the calm after the storm in more ways than one. On Wednesday, one of the biggest travel days of the year, a major nor'easter, caused havoc in flights across the country. But at least in OKC, Thursday the delays were few.

It was good news for Betty Brooks who on her 95th birthday is flying to Colorado.

“We're having a daughter at my granddaughter's and I'll see a lot of my grandchildren and children,” she said.

Any delays seemed to be mechanical.

“We started off, I thought I was going to have to cancel our first Thanksgiving with family,” said Alana Detenbeck.

Detenbeck was one of those who almost didn't make it.

“They said we weren't going to have the right part to de-ice the plane once we were up in the air so I was texting him this morning saying we might be delayed at best or might be tomorrow.”

The lowest Thanksgiving gas prices since 2009 may be fueling an increase in those driving this holiday. Prices dropped another 10 cents at many metro gas stations overnight. According to AAA, gas prices are 50 cents lower this Thanksgiving over last, giving travelers all around something else to be thankful for.

“I was the like I was the only person in the airport just walked through no problems at all,” said Terry McAdams.