'Grey Thursday' Shoppers Out In Full Force Across OKC

Thursday, November 27th 2014, 11:07 pm
By: News 9

Stores across the metro are packed as shoppers are out in full force ahead of Black Friday, and there's a strategy behind getting the deals.

Before you get to the register, there's a lot of prep for shoppers on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Crowds outside Toys “R” Us didn't mind waiting. There were more than 200 in line.

Cart after cart rolled out ready to be filled. One shopper needed two carts in just two minutes.

"If there's a good deal, I just pick one up, that's what I'm doing," said shopper Lacey Johns. “Legos are 10 dollars and play-do for a dollar.”

But there's a science to finding what you want.

"There's a lot of preparation that goes in, we spend a few weeks probably 2 to 3 weeks really getting things prepared organized and planned out."

From a toy store to an electronic store, no matter where you go to get that gift item, there's going to be some organization behind it,” said Josh Bruehl, Toys "R" Us, store manager.

"I have a whole other crew that works overnights when the sun is down that do a whole bunch of things behind the scenes."

Best Buy uses balloons in different colors to locate sections, like Purple is for Mobile devices and Green is for the gaming area.

Shoppers saved big. Brandon White says he saved $200 on a MacBook. Overall, many found navigating the aisles much easier.

"Compared to year's past, I thought this was pretty well organized," said Kelly Katter, who bought a TV, vacuum and DVD player.

Katter's teenage son Dalton says he liked the staggered entry system the store used.

"They're letting 50 people go in at a time to make it really organized and safe so that people don't go rushing in and everything, that was really smart of them," said Dalton Katter

The shopping doesn't stop now. Penn Square Mall will be open until 9pm on Black Friday.