OKC Company Fesses Up To Meteor Spoof Video

Tuesday, December 2nd 2014, 7:29 pm
By: News 9

A video showing a meteor soaring over the metro had more than 185,000 views on YouTube last month.

The YouTube video not only fooled two local television stations, but also grabbed the attention of The Weather Channel and other international media outlets.

The metro company fessed up to the video and told News 9 its intentions were to shine a spotlight on its work.

The company behind the four videos circulating the internet is called 'Digital Tutors.'

It took several weeks of planning and a few early mornings to capture the perfect neighborhood backdrop for the phony meteor shower.

“Four of us got up each morning around 7 a.m. on the same days, it had to be a clear sky and make sure we are all pointing in the right direction,” said Grant Boudon, Director of Marketing and PR for Digital Tutors.

Based in downtown Oklahoma City, company officials said they create crash course videos teaching anyone how to use 3D animations and visual effects software.

“They go through the hard part of learning a software, learning a technique, or work flow to really share it with the artist or designer and had them learning such a smaller amount of time,” said Boudon.

Many companies you know don't like to admit it, but they are using these training videos. Boudon did a little name dropping for us.

“We've been in ESPN, we've been in Comedy Central, Dreamworks, Sony Animation. They use us from small extent to their whole company has access,” said Boudon

The videos, like the meteor spoof, highlighted a few of the things they can teach you, and the illusions a few key strokes and the right software can create.

In case you want to fool family and friends or even the world, Digital Tutors has a video up teaching you how create your own meteor spoof using the right software.

Learn more about Digital Tutors.