Abused Dog In Spencer Dropped On Doorstep

Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 10:01 pm
By: News 9

Police in Spencer are trying to figure out what happened to a severely abused dog.

The animal is suffering from burns and was discovered on a doorstep.

About 1 a.m. Wednesday, someone knocked a woman's door. That's when she found a severely injured dog and called police.

With a cold shivering gaze the dog woke up from anesthesia.

Nobody knew his name or exactly what happened to him.

“I'm guessing it could have been some sort of chemical burn,” Dr. Kim Hagan of Quail Creek Animals Hospital said.

His fur is gone on half his body and open wounds and scabs cover the top of his back and legs, but the injuries are not fresh. Dr. Hagan thinks the poor dog has been suffering for about a week before he was found and brought here.

“He was obviously very painful,” Hagan said. “He didn't want to be touched or moved around.”

The dog had x-rays and blood work, and they cleaned and bandaged his wounds. They sedated him while they worked on him to keep him from being in as much pain.

“He's a little bit cold,” Hagan said. “He's waking up from anesthesia.”

The animal was still shivering and had not stopped since he was found.

“He was laying on the front porch,” Spencer Animal Control Officer Mike Weiss said. “The homeowner who found him had covered him up with a couple of towels to keep him warn, but he was shivering.”

It will take several weeks for the dog to heal.

“I think he's got a long road ahead of him of just healing,” Hagan said.

If you would like to help contact the Quail Creek Animal Hospital or Celtic Cordy Rescue in Choctaw.