Trailer Theft In SW OKC Caught On Surveillance Camera

Friday, December 12th 2014, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

Eye-catching home surveillance video revealed an alleged thief in the act. It happened near SW 80th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Oklahoma City. The video gave a pretty clear view of happened and showed a man backing into a driveway and stealing a trailer, and as he pulled out, he dragged a parked truck along with it.

"My jaw hit the floor," owner Leo Bland said.

And yours will too when you see just how quickly and recklessly somebody barreled out of Leo's driveway with his trailer.

"I mean I was in total just awe," he said. "I could not believe that somebody would just come up and do that."

But they did, and it didn't take long either. What probably took the most time was the man staking out Bland's house. He drove by, pulled into the driveway, walked up to the door to see if anyone was home. Then he backed in, hooked up and peeled out, pulling the parked truck along with it and into the road.

Bland was gone at the time when a neighbor called him and told him what happened.

His truck had been backed up against his eight-foot long lawn mower trailer.

If you recognize the man or the truck in the video contact police.