Woman Accused Embezzling From Edmond Cheer Booster Club In Trouble Again

Thursday, December 18th 2014, 6:04 pm
By: News 9

A war of words between teenagers turns nasty when a mom steps in. That mom is Stacey Torre, the same woman facing an embezzlement charge for allegedly stealing thousands from the cheer booster account. Now she has found herself in hot water again.

The fight initially started between Torre's son and another girl at Santa Fe High School, but it quickly escalated when Torre herself got involved.

Trash talk on Twitter fueled the fire for this afterschool argument between Torre's son and a group of girls, some of them cheerleaders.

The video was shot by one of the girls and given to News 9 by Edmond Police.

Girl: I want to know your story.

Keaton Torre: No, I'm asking you questions. Since you talk all the time, go ahead, tell the story.

Girl: Well, where's the $15,000?

Keaton Torre: What $15,000?

Girl: HA! Where is it?

The girls were apparently confronting Torre's son about the $15,000 missing from the cheer booster club.

Girl: We weren't the ones that got your mom into this thing. You said something about Kaylee. So why are you blaming it on us?

Police say Stacey Torre stole that money from the club. A search warrant for her bank records shows she spent it for her own personal use and to also help advance her son's football career.

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The recording continues for another two minutes before Stacey shows up and the fight escalates.

Stacey Torre: Get the f**** off. Don't start talking s ****. Yeah go the f**** off. Imma have all you b ****** f ****** kicked off the squad.

Police issued a citation for disorderly conduct the next day when a mother and a student showed them this video.

Torre is now banned from the campus for the next six months.