Victims Speak Out After Car Break- Ins In Moore

Saturday, December 20th 2014, 12:02 am
By: News 9

One of these vehicles targeted wasn't even locked but the ones that were it didn't matter, thieves just smashed out the windows.

“My key fab went off, and my alarm went off, and immediately I ran outside to see what happened. I turned the light on to let them know that I was coming out,” said Casey Sands.

Within seconds Casey was out the door but whoever broke into her car was long gone.

“The window was broken, and my purse was gone,” continued Sands.

But they dropped her wallet in the floorboard, and possibly a glove hat was dropped near her car.

Gone, her entire purse and spirit in place of broken glass and a cold awakening at about 3 in the morning.

“It's sad for it being the season that it is, that somebody would do that,” said Sands.

They take things they'll just most likely dump, nothing to them but irreplaceable to the person they stole them from.

“Just some personal items, pictures, and things like that you won't get back.”

Just up the road and within minutes of each other on the same night, almost the same thing happened to Rena's granddaughter. Her car wasn't locked.

“She had unloaded some groceries, went back into the house, and then forgot to go back out because it was raining, “said Rena Fleming.

And the one time she forgot to lock her car, somebody opened it right up and cleaned it out.

“An IPod and Beatz by Dre Headphones.”

“I wish these people would get a job and quit taking hard working people's things,” said Fleming.

The Moore police department is investigating and this is a growing problem across that city. If you have any information, make sure to call police.