'Secret Santa' Helps Metro Family Pay Bills

Monday, December 22nd 2014, 6:38 pm
By: News 9

As much as we sometimes complain about the holidays being too commercial, there is still strong evidence that the true spirit of giving is alive and well.

An anonymous donor helped bright the holidays for a family in the metro.

That family shared their story, hoping the giving will be contagious.

Sharon Grier put out so many Christmas lights at her home off S. Douglas, you would probably never guess that her holiday was looking a bit gloomy.

"I started having a little bad luck," Grier said. An emergency surgery in November messed up her holiday plans and set her back financially.

She couldn't work after and was convinced she'd have nothing left to give her grandkids after paying the bills.

"I've been down in the dumps," Grier said.

So, you could imagine her surprise when she received an unexpected gift from a stranger.

"When people do stuff for you, it just makes us realize there are so many good people out there," she told News 9.

Grier said a ‘Secret Santa' gave her $500 to pay for rent, utilities, and some food. And she still has no idea who gave to her so generously.

"Oh, I cried. I think everyone would cry a little bit," Grier said, thankful beyond words. “Maybe next year we can do something at Christmas time for someone else."