Custer Co. Deputies Seize Drugs Wrapped As Christmas Gifts

Tuesday, December 30th 2014, 7:03 pm
By: News 9

A drug delivery disguised as holiday cheer was unwrapped by Oklahoma law enforcement.

A couple from out of state came bearing gifts, but in return, they picked up charges for drug trafficking.

"Do you have your license, insurance, and registration?" Custer County Sheriff's Deputy Dillon Mach asked two men caught speeding down Interstate 40.

And their holiday road trip took a sharp turn for the worse when the driver and his passenger had trouble remembering where they were going.

"Where you guys headed to?" Mach asked, suspicious of the two.

"His son's house in, uh, what's the town? It's a small town in Oklahoma. What's the name of it? I don't even know,” replied the driver, John Mott, 51.

According to reports, Mott and his alleged accomplice, Keith Krosnicki, 47, couldn't keep their stories straight during the traffic stop on Dec. 26.

Not only did they claim they were going to see Krosnicki's son and couldn't remember which town, but they also told Deputy Mach that they weren't planning to stay once they got there.

"He told me they just planned on dropping a present off on the front porch and then leaving," he said.

Mach thought it was all a little too suspicious. So, he called on his K-9 for reinforcement.

When the K-9 picked up on something, Deputy Mach began searching the vehicle, even the alleged Christmas gifts.

"I picked up one of the presents and it smelled like marijuana and at that point I opened every present in there," Mach said. Each package was full of drugs.

He arrested both of them, but only one stuck to the story. Mott claimed they had no idea the presents were filled with drugs.

Mach confiscated more than seven pounds of marijuana that day. The rest of the drugs seized had apparently been cooked into a half pound of butter caramel ganga candy.

It was valued at $36,000 dollars.

While it's not as much as the 85-pound marijuana bust Deputy Mach and his K-9, Ares, made just the week before, he said he believes every stop will help slow the drug trade.

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"It makes me feel good and some of the other guys I work with feel good," said Mach.

The two suspects were booked in Custer County Jail for possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

Both have posted bond.