Plumbers Warn About Frozen Pipes

Wednesday, December 31st 2014, 6:32 pm
By: News 9

Plunging temperatures have local plumbers warning Oklahomans about freezing pipes.

They expect to be very busy starting Thursday and they are giving a quick refresher course in case it happens to you.

The biggest tip to avoid frozen and busted water pipes is to open the cabinet doors under your sink. You can even leave the faucets dripping if you're sure the drain will not clog.

If your pipes do freeze, Daniel Ice with Mullin Plumbing said thaw them out with a space heater aimed underneath the sink.

“Water can be an expensive problem,” said Ice.

Also, turn on the faucets so the water can release when the pipes warm back up.

“It could take from two or three minutes, to 10 to 15 minutes, just depends on how much is frozen,” Ice told News 9.

Mullin Plumbing is expecting to get a lot more calls about frozen pipes the next few days.

“If the temperatures stay like they are and get even colder at night, with winds, there will be more starting to freeze,” Ice explained.

Ice said you can also drip your faucets, but he recommended only doing that with indoor faucets.

“Misconception of letting your faucets drip outside. Never let faucets drip outside because if it's a small drip, it'll freeze the drip, fill the faucet and freeze the pipe,”

Do not hesitate to call a plumber. A lot of times, they can tell you what to do over the phone without making a service call to your house.