Police Investigate Edmond Grocery Store Purse Theft

Tuesday, January 6th 2015, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

News 9 issued an alert Tuesday to anyone who carries a purse or other kind of bag while out and about. Shoppers could be an easy target for thieves without even realizing it. News 9 warned viewers before about purse thefts in the past. Shoppers looked away for a minute and looked back to find their bag is gone.  This weekend, a couple of shoppers experienced that firsthand.

It happened again and again. News 9's Lacie Lowry in a special report showed just how easy it is to walk right up to a grocery basket and steal a purse.

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However, this time it wasn't Lacie. What happened to Jennifer Aldridge was real.

“And it was gone, “Aldridge said. “It was out of my basket. You know, I always I always sit it there on top, and I've had my friend tell me before, ‘Don't do that.'”

But without thinking, and just for a split second, Aldridge must have turned her attention from her purse to something on the grocery shelf.

“I just turned my back for a moment on the aisle,” she said.

She drove nearly an hour one way to the Crest at 15th Street and Santa Fe Avenue in Edmond, but it took no time for someone to snatch up her bag and take off with it.

"It was an Ed Hardy purse,” she said. “Snakeskin with orange butterflies on it."

Once she noticed it was gone, she went to talk to store managers and reviewed the security footage, but it was grainy and a couple of the aisles weren't visible. Just as Aldridge was reporting her stolen bag, another woman showed up to do the same thing.

“We weren't back there two or three minutes and another lady knocked on the door and said that her purse was missing, as well,” she said. “You get a false sense of security with all the cameras and people around.”

Aldridge filed a police report, and police said they are questioning people in the case.

Luckily she had her cell phone and her car keys in her hand.