OSU PA Announcer Fights Throat Cancer

Tuesday, January 27th 2015, 6:15 pm

Shortly after football season wrapped up, Larry 'The Voice' Reece went to the doctor to check out a swollen gland on his neck. Doctors eventually diagnosed him with throat cancer.

Reece has been the voice of the Cowboys for decades, but many would argue he's also the body and soul.

“I think Larry's a guy that everyone feels they know, they've heard him at basketball games, football games,” said Kevin Klintworth, the OSU Director of Athletic Media Relations and friend of Reece.

So news that The Voice had, of all things, throat cancer brought out the cavalry. Players offered up support and social media exploded with the hashtag #IRideWithTheVoice.

“Larry has been very forthcoming in saying, 'If I can't do PA anymore I won't do it. But I want to see my daughter grow up I want to walk her down the aisle.' He's kind of a newlywed. He wants to grow old with his wife,” said Klintworth.

Reece will be getting treatment at MD Anderson in Houston and will likely need a break from the microphone. OSU officials said they will bring in a series for guest announcers beginning with News 9's Kelly Ogle on Tuesday night.

But officials said the plan is Reece will be back in the saddle soon.

“The prognosis early on is the treatment is worse than the illness and that's what we're all hopeful for,” said Klintworth.