OKC Police: Accused Shoplifter Threatens Store Worker, Officer

Tuesday, February 10th 2015, 11:44 am
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman was arrested after police said she stole merchandise from a Wal-Mart store, and then made threatening comments against a Loss Prevention employee and a police officer. Police said the woman also claimed that her grandfather is Sam Walton and her godfather is President Obama.

According to police, at about 6:30 p.m. Saturday, officers responded to the report of a shoplifter at Wal-Mart, located at 2000 W. Memorial Road.

A Loss Prevention employee told police that he saw the suspect, 44-year-old Tangela Lynn Bacon, walk into the store with a basket full of bags. She left the basket at the front of the store and walked to a closed register, where she grabbed multiple Wal-Mart plastic bags. She then went into the store.

The employee said Bacon filled those bags with merchandise and walked to the front of the store. She continued past all points of sale without attempting to pay for the merchandise. The employee said that's when he confronted Bacon and escorted her to the Loss Prevention Office.

While she was in the office, Bacon reportedly made threatening comments towards the employee, saying, “I'm gonna have your a** taken the f*** out.” Police said she continued to verbally assault the employee, stating, “Sam Walton is my grandfather and I own this mother f*****.”

According to police, Bacon also made threats to a responding police officer. She reportedly said that she was appointed a judge at the age of 18, and that she was going to send the officer to prison where they will murder him.

Bacon then said she was going to sue the Oklahoma City Police Department for “racially profiling her,” and “doing a Rodney King to her black a**,” according to the police report.

While she was being transported to the Oklahoma County Jail, Bacon reportedly told the officer that her godfather is President Obama. Police said she continued to make more irrational comments.

Bacon was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail on multiple complaints, including larceny from a retailer, threatening acts of violence, and larceny of merchandise.