OKC Man Comes Face To Face With Armed Robber In ATM Line

Tuesday, July 7th 2015, 6:12 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police are looking for a man who tried to rob a person making a night deposit at an ATM in northwest Oklahoma City last month.

Today, police released two surveillance photos of the attempted robbery that gives you a really clear look at the crook and his gun.

“He came in about right here and put the gun in my face like this,” said Dezjuan Jackson, who came face to face with the would-be robber. “And was like give me all your money, give me all your money right now!”

Jackson still can't believe how lucky he is.

Not only did he not get shot during this attempted robbery, the crook got nothing in return.

Jackson said he thinks he may have seen this same guy hanging out at a Bank of America ATM located near NW 50 Street and May Avenue.

“I think he thought that I was taking some (cash) out,” Jackson said. “And I was actually depositing.”

In fact, Jackson had just finished depositing about $800 in cash into that ATM.

The attempted robbery happened on June 21 at the Bank of America on Classen Boulevard. The bank is usually very crowded, with lots of customers coming in and out during banking hours. But since it was midnight, there were no other customers or workers around.

“I was at the ATM no longer than five minutes, six minutes, a quick little stop,” Jackson said.

Jackson said the machine even kicked back some of his money during that quick, little transaction. He said had the crook approached him even two minutes sooner, he could have scored a major payout.

“Anyone at gunpoint wants to comply,” Jackson said.

But then Jackson outsmarted the crook. He said since he had no cash on hand and he needed to reach over and get his debit card. And that's when he gunned it, leaving the crook high and dry.

“Dug down a little bit, and just drove out,” said Jackson. “My car was still in drive luckily, and so I just kind of drove out of the terminal.”

The move paid off big for Jackson, but not for the crook.

Now, both Jackson and Oklahoma City police want to catch the gun-carrying man, before he strikes again, and before he pulls the trigger and possibly hurts somebody.

If you have any information about the robber, call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300. Callers may be eligible for a cash reward.