Richard Glossip's Attorneys File New Paperwork After Witness Interview

Monday, September 28th 2015, 6:20 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Richard Glossip’s execution will move forward Wednesday.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals denied Glossip's appeal Monday afternoon for a new hearing and stay of execution.

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It was a split 3-2 decision from the court. The ruling came just hours before Glossip's attorneys filed more paperwork relating to an on-camera interview with the key witness in the case Justin Sneed did with the Tulsa online newspaper the Frontier.

“Every time Mr. Van Treese showed up, that’s what he wanted me to do. He wanted to pay me to kill him,” Sneed said.

Nearly 20 years after he beat Barry Van Treese to death, Sneed maintains Glossip convinced him to do it.  For the first time, Sneed was talking on-camera about the controversial case, to a reporter from the online paper.

“He said he was going to pay me money, splitting the money didn’t come down until the end,” Sneed said. “‘Til where he realized Mr. Van Treese was the one with the money and that’s where he was getting the money.”

But according to Glossip's attorneys, two former prisoners that knew Sneed have come forward saying Sneed told them he acted alone. Sneed however says that didn't happen.

“No absolutely not,” he said.

“This Justin Sneed interview shows unequivocally that Justin Sneed is a person who can’t tell the truth in this case,” said Don Knight, Glossip’s attorney.

Knight and Glossip's other attorneys said that interview only strengthens their case.

After their appeal was denied Monday afternoon, they filed new paperwork with the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals that points out inconsistencies with what Sneed said in the Frontier interview and what he's said in the past.

In regards to Sneed’s statement, he didn’t know he was splitting the money Glossip’s attorneys wrote in the filing: “This is a lie. Sneed has stated many times that it was Mr. Glossip's plan to split the money with him. 'Richard told me we could split the money we could get out of Barry' (pg. 25, Police interview, Story 3); and 'I split it with him instead of taking it all like promised because the money was never really on my mind for it. I was just going along with what he (Richard) said (pg. 95, Trial 1, Story 5).'"

“We’re going to continue to fight this until the end,” Knight said.

In denying the request for a hearing, justices with the state Court of Criminal Appeals said the new evidence merely expanded theories presented in previous appeals. 

The execution is scheduled for 3 p.m. Wednesday.