Caught On Camera: Armed Robbers Hold Up Convenience Store

Tuesday, September 29th 2015, 7:35 pm
By: News 9

Investigators with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office are asking for your help identifying two young men who held up a convenience store at gunpoint over the weekend, and it was all caught on tape.

It happened at Mike’s Corner Store, a family run convenience store located at the corner of SE 15 Street and Peebly Rd.

There are surveillance cameras located both outside and inside the business that got a good shot of the crooks, and they targeted this store just before it closed for the night on Saturday.

The surveillance video shows the two men casually walking up to the store with their hoodies up, but there faces uncovered.

That quickly changed once they went inside.

The video shows the first robber pull out a gun and head right for the counter with a scarf covering his face.

His accomplice then walks in behind him, also wearing a scarf and carrying a gun.

The men forced the two clerks to open the register, and then started grabbing the cash. 

The entire time they kept the gun pointed at the young clerk, who complied with their demands, even though he had a gun right under the register that he could have used.

The crooks were in and out in less than a minute and jumped into a white pickup truck that was also caught on camera.

“It’s amazing that no one got hurt,” Oklahoma County sheriff's office spokesman Mark Opgrande said. “We want to get them off the streets as fast as we can.”

Back at the store Tuesday afternoon, it was business as usual at Mike’s Corner Store, despite the Saturday night holdup.

“It wasn't worth what they took with what they could have done to somebody,” said one worker who asked not to be identified.

He says he and the owner had been inside just minutes before the holdup, and can't believe none of their customers walked in during the crime.

“We usually have people coming in and out the last 15 minutes, so actually they are lucky they didn't get nobody coming in or out,” said the clerk. “I mean just one slip of the finger they could have hurt somebody.”

The owner told News 9 there has never been an armed robbery at his store in the five years he’s been there and that most of his customers live in the area. That’s why he left his two teenage sons at the store while he ran a quick errand.

Investigators say if you recognize either of these two young men in the video, you are urged to call the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office at (405) 713-1017.