Congressman Steve Russell Speaks About Speaker Of The House

Monday, October 12th 2015, 9:42 am
By: News 9

Congress begins its week-long break on Monday, and one of Oklahoma's representatives first stop was here at News 9.

News 9's Justin Dougherty spoke with Congressman Steve Russell on who he wants as the next Speaker of the House.

Congress may officially be on a break this week, but that won't stop GOP members from thinking about who should be third in line to the President. Wisconsin's Paul Ryan has emerged as a favorite.

However, Ryan has said he doesn't really want the job of Speaker, and not many others do because of pressure that believed to be the reason current speaker John Boehner is resigning.

So to show unity, Representative Steve Russell said the Republicans needs to focus on its similarities and not its differences.

"We have to be careful when we now allow gloves to come off and we go bare knuckles in our political process, it doesn't get to solutions, it only creates more anger and more division," Rep. Russell said.

Oklahoma's Tom Cole has also been mentioned. And while his fellow Oklahoman, Rep. Russell, believes Cole is well qualified to be the next Speaker of the House, Russell wants to remind others this role is important.

"It's not like running for student body president and whoever is most popular, you have to have the people who have the skills to navigate twelve appropriation bills, to deal with the budget to deal with the crisis of our foreign policy. These are all issues that we have to have someone who can do that," said Rep. Steve Russell.

Congress will be back in session Tuesday, October 20.