Metro Dog Dies From Parvo After Dog Park Visit

Monday, October 12th 2015, 4:43 pm
By: News 9

A metro family took their dogs to the Edmond Dog Park at 33rd and Boulevard and one of the dogs died from parvo within a week.

The family suspects the dog got the deadly virus at the park and they are warning others about why those vaccination rules are so important.

This dog named Zeta is missing her little sidekick, Nessy.

“Very frustrating and very heartbreaking,” said Serena Watts, owner of Zeta and Nessy.

Nessy, a lab mix puppy, died after both dogs came to the Edmond Dog Park on Sunday, October 4. Five days later, Nessy was sick with parvo and the 4-month-old eventually did not make it.

“She died this morning and there was nothing that we could do,” Watts told News 9.

Parvo affects a dog's intestines and can be spread through contaminated feces, which is why pet owners have to pick up after their dogs at the park. Nessy was in the middle of getting her three rounds of vaccinations and Watts thinks another dog at the park had parvo.

“It's not just this dog park, it's every dog park because there are irresponsible pet owners that bring out their animals and don't have them vaccinated,” Watts explained.

The city of Edmond checks the park weekly for maintenance, but does not check to make sure pet owners are following the rules. That is expected of anyone using the park.

“We just want people to pick up after their dog,” said Craig Dishman, Parks & Recreation Director for the City of Edmond. “The feces needs to be picked up as soon as possible and also just be responsible pet owners and have your dog shots updated.”

Watts agreed.

“I'm really irritated at the irresponsible pet owners, I don't hold the city of Edmond responsible at all,” she said.

Watts hopes her loss is a reminder to others.

“I want them to make sure that their pets are vaccinated, that if you bring them to a dog park, clean up after your dog,” Watts said.

Watts said she will not take any more chances and refuses to take Zeta back to any dog parks from now on.

Zeta received a parvo booster shot to strengthen her vaccine after Nessy died.