Fundraiser Set For Anadarko Pastor Accused Of Child Sex Crime

Friday, October 16th 2015, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

Hundreds of Caddo County tribal members are outraged at the support for an 82-year-old Anadarko pastor accused of a child sex crime.

A grandmother allegedly found him in a compromising position with a 7-year-old girl in September.

A 9-hour fundraiser is scheduled Sunday for Milton Otis Toehay.

The Caddo County Sheriff's Office says the well-known pastor may have been preying on that young girl every Sunday for two years.

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A growing number of people are speaking out against those who support him.

“I started talking about a protest, and more people have started talking about it and it kind of started to snowball after that,” said Caitlin Bear.

In just two days, Caitlin Bear has used the power of social media to create an incredible following against Toehay and a large group of people who support him.

The Facebook group titled, "No Support for Pedophile" has nearly 1400 members.

“I hope this little girl knows that there is support and there is love and there are people that believe her, and people that want to see justice done for her,” said Bear.

Toehay is a well-known pastor, an elder, a respected Native American leader in Anadarko.

Many believe it's the reason he's getting an overwhelming amount of support despite the sex crimes with which he's charged.

“And our elders are very important to us, so I think people are hiding behind that façade and backing that up, because that’s who he has been all these years,” said Bear.

And Sunday, supporters of the long-time pastor are supposed to have a "benefit pow-wow" at the Kiowa Tribal Complex.

“I can’t even believe the tribe would let them have a fundraiser in there, in our building. Are they blind,” said Jacqueline Arkeketa.

Jacqueline Arkeketa is a member of the Kiowa tribe.

“I think they think he’s innocent. You know what, someone had to have seen something all these years,” said Arkeketa.

“I don’t understand why they would think a small child would make up something like this,” said Bear. “And people have gone as far as blaming the grandmother and the child for this.”

As far as News 9 knows, the Kiowa tribe is not supporting a fundraiser for Toehay.

A preliminary hearing for the Anadarko pastor is set for early next month at the Caddo County courthouse.