Witnesses, Stillwater Community In Shock After Tragedy Unfolds At OSU Homecoming Parade

Saturday, October 24th 2015, 11:33 pm
By: News 9

It was supposed to be a day filled with fun and school spirit Saturday in Stillwater, but instead, the scene not far from the stadium was gruesome.

Blue gloves left behind from first responders who rushed to help, debris thrown all over the street and even a baby stroller was abandoned at the intersection.

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It was all evidence of a horrific turn of events at the homecoming parade.

"People were screaming and not knowing where their family were [sic]," witness Tracy Epperson said.

Witnesses say it came without warning and quickly became chaotic.

"Just right next to us, we just hear this awful crash and just all I can remember is people flying in the air. That's just going to be in my mind forever. Just bodies everywhere, injured," she said.

The crash sounded like shots being fired or even a bomb going off, Epperson added.

It was a shock to witnesses and heartbreaking to the entire OSU community.

Gov. Mary Fallin was in Stillwater before the game, and at halftime, News 9 was with her when she learned a fourth victim had died.

"It's hard to imagine that you're coming to a game and all of a sudden it turns into a tragedy with people losing their loved ones and their lives are changed forever," Fallin said.

There was a moment of silence before the game to honor the families hurting after this tragedy. Senior OSU color guard member Kenzy Hayworth said it was not the same inside Boone Pickens Stadium. The mood was noticeably somber.

"You could feel just in the crowd in the people around that everyone was kind of taking it hard," Hayworth told News 9.

Even though there's so much sadness over this, there is a sense of community in Stillwater, at OSU and all across the state, that the victims will be comforted and supported by fellow Oklahomans.

"We've been through tragedy before and we always come back strong," Hayworth said.