Stillwater Crash Suspect Adacia Chambers To Undergo Psychological Evaluation

Monday, October 26th 2015, 10:48 pm
By: News 9

A fifth victim injured when police said Adacia Chambers slammed into the OSU homecoming parade crowd, is not doing well. Already, four people have died and Chambers is locked up on complaints of second degree murder.

The judge in this case is allowing a doctor to perform a psychological evaluation on Chambers. The district attorney's office was given a 10-day extension to file formal charges against Chambers.

"Something has happened, but I don't know what, because the night before she was fine," said Floyd Chambers, Adacia Chambers' father.

But just as the Oklahoma State homecoming parade came to an end Saturday, investigators say Adacia Chambers ran a red light, went around a police barricade then drove into the crowd.

Chambers' attorney, Tony Coleman, said alcohol was not a factor.

He has requested a doctor to perform a full psychological evaluation on his client to determine if a mental illness can be diagnosed.

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“Listen you are aware that four people have been killed and her response and look on the face is just blank,” Coleman said. 

Monday afternoon, a doctor began one of several visits with Chambers.

Her father said he took her to mental hospital to seek treatment but said she was quickly released.

“I took her to another place when she got out of there. I’ve done all i can do as a father. I didn't know where else to turn,” Floyd Chambers said.

Chamber's defense attorney said it's too soon to comment on a defense strategy.

But if Chambers pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, defense attorney Mack Martin said with that defense, it is often hard to convince a jury.

“You literally have to admit this is what I did, but I did it because I didn't understand and appreciate and know the difference between right and wrong,” Martin said. “You're dealing with horrible, horrible facts that nobody wants that person out on the street.”

Chambers' next court appearance is scheduled for Nov. 13.