Loose Pony Gains Adoption Interest After Adventure In OKC

Wednesday, October 28th 2015, 6:32 pm
By: News 9

A pony that was running loose in downtown Oklahoma City last week is getting a lot of attention.

Several groups are interested in adopting it, but Animal Welfare said Wednesday that a few things have to happen first.

The stables at the animal welfare facility are a much calmer setting than the first time the pony was on television.

“He's eating, he's been checked out by the veterinarian, his health is fine, he's not the friendliest of horses so I don't know if he hasn't had a really great experience in the past,” said Julie Bank with Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

He is still recovering from the stress of last Friday morning.

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“It did take some time for him to calm down,” Bank said.

The pony was running loose in the streets and through fields near Interstate 40 and Western Avenue just after midnight.

“Certainly seems to be a very stressful experience for the horse and for everybody else who was out there,” Bank told News 9.

Cowboys from the stockyards, Oklahoma City police and Animal Welfare all eventually corralled it.

“Horses are the third most popular call that we get in our animal control division and it is usually a loose horse running in the street,” Bank said.

Now the pony, which does not have a name, is resting and he is a wanted man.

Remington Park is actually interested in adopting the pony and making it their mascot if things work out.

However, it is still unclear how the horse got loose and who it belongs to, so Animal Welfare legally has to wait to see if an owner will come forward.

“We don't know if he was abandoned, and just let out in the street or if he got out of somebody's home,” Bank explained.

After the holding period, the staff will determine what type of home is best.

Bank said Animal Welfare will post it on its Facebook page if the pony becomes available for adoption or if he is transferred to a horse rescue group.

That will not happen until next week.