Disposal Wells Near Medford Area Earthquakes To Reduce Injection Volume

Tuesday, November 10th 2015, 3:11 pm
By: News 9

Following a series of recent earthquakes near Medford, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s Oil and Gas Conservation Division (OGCD) is calling for disposal wells injecting into the Arbuckle formation to reduce injection volume.

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The OGCD has launched a plan to reduce the risk of induced earthquakes in the area of Medford that has experienced numerous earthquakes since Saturday.  Specifically, the latest addition to the plan calls for disposal wells injecting into the Arbuckle formation to change operations based on the distance from the center of the recent earthquake activity:

Wells within 3 miles: Reduce volume injected 50 percent

Wells within 3 – 6 miles: Reduce volume injected by 25 percent

Wells with 6 – 10 miles: On notice to prepare for possible future changes in operation.

The disposal wells covered by the plan include:

Operator: Sandridge Exploration Production LLC

Wells: Walley 1-29, reduce volume 50 percent

Nathaniel 1-27, reduce volume 25 percent

Sophie 1-14, reduce volume 25 percent

Operator: Kirkpatrick Oil Company Inc.

Wells: Thomas 1-27, shut in and reduce depth. Resume operations at 50 percent volume reduction

Operator: Primexx Operating Corporation

Wells: Primexx 31-1, reduce volume 25 percent

Primexx 1-3, reduce volume 25 percent

Primexx 15-2, reduce volume 50 percent

Operator: Union Valley Petroleum Corporation

Wells: Wesley 1-8, reduce volume 25 percent

Operator: Special Energy Corporation

Wells: Conrady 1, reduce volume 25 percent

The most recent earthquake in the area was recorded at 1:13 p.m. Tuesday, nine miles north, northwest of Medford, and 36 miles north of Enid.