Wellston Family In Danger Of Losing Home

Sunday, November 22nd 2015, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

A Wellston family has been struggling to make ends meet for some time, managing the stresses and possibility of becoming homeless right before the holidays.

“It was my grandparent’s house before,” Jamie Crawley said.

The Crawleys have lived in their Wellston home for a decade and now, it’s in danger of becoming a part of their past.

“We’ve been going for two years and 11 months with no income and we just have been trying to keep it together and trying to keep it together and it is at the end,” Crawley said.

Richard Crawley became an amputee in 2013 and can't work. Jamie Crawley has health issues too. They said they’re both waiting on disability.

They are the parents of six children; five are adopted and have special needs, one of them has a terminal illness called Huntington's Disease.

“She’s declining rapidly. It just basically deteriorates the frontal lobe of her brain,” Jamie said.

And on top of their heavy hearts has been a looming auction date weighing on their minds.

Tuesday, their home could be sold on the courthouse steps.

“I hate to say I didn’t make my house payment, but sometimes when you have to make a choice between do your kids have electricity and running water and heat in the winter, you have to do what you have to do,” Richard Crawley told News 9.

If they can come up with $13,000 before Tuesday, the sale can be stopped.

And so now, the couple that constantly helps others, could use a little help of their own.

The family's case manager through Cobblestone Counseling Services set up a GoFundMe to help save their home.