Home Surveillance Cameras Capture Vehicle Burglary

Monday, November 30th 2015, 6:50 pm
By: News 9

Thieves spent Thanksgiving week preying on Oklahoma City car owners at night.

A far west Oklahoma City neighborhood has had several car break-ins and one victim shared her security video to try and catch the guys.

The car burglaries have happened in the Fountain Grass addition off SW 24 and Morgan Road.

“It really is terrible because it's a great neighborhood to live in,” Lauren Alex said.

Thieves hit the same vehicle twice within just days of each other, robbing Alex and her husband of their sense of security.

“We don't feel safe at night, checking two, three times just to make sure because you get that panic like, ‘If I didn't do it this time, what will they get,’” Alex told News 9.

Burglars hit the Alex's pickup late Tuesday into early Wednesday, stealing a 9mm Beretta and 50 rounds of ammo.

“We had just come back from the store that night and I was unloading groceries and he thought he clicked his key pad, but he must not have locked it,” Alex explained.

After the first break-in, the couple immediately went and bought surveillance cameras.

“My husband is military so he was like, ‘We are going to catch these guys, this is not okay,’” Alex said.

On Sunday, thieves struck again and the newly-bought cameras caught the crime.

Two guys calmly rummaged through the same truck, but no valuables were inside this time.

This neighborhood has had multiple car break-ins over the last month.

“It's happened in our neighborhood, it's happened in surrounding neighborhoods, it's happening everywhere,” Alex said.

Alex and her husband have gone door to door, letting neighbors know about the latest break-ins.

They hope someone recognizes the suspects before they strike again.

“The thing that we are most upset about since those are items that can be replaced is just our safety that's been taken from us that we can't get back, it's not an item you replace,” Alex added.

Both Oklahoma City police and the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office are investigating.

If you recognize the guys in the video, call (405) 262-3434.