Oklahoma County Deputies Step Up Patrols To Deter Criminals

Friday, December 4th 2015, 12:26 am
By: News 9

It's prime time for burglars to make bold moves and find easy targets, but the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office is hitting the streets and warning neighbors.

There are simple things you can do to keep from becoming a victim during the holiday season.

“This time of year, the sheriff sends us out to check things out, make sure that we can keep the neighborhood safe,” said Lt. Larry Grant talking with a Choctaw resident.

Lt. Grant has been patrolling the streets in Oklahoma County for 22-years, doing everything from getting violent offenders off the streets, to this. 

“Anything out of the norm, anything that’s suspicious looking, vehicles going real slow through neighborhoods,” said Grant.

This Lieutenant has a seasoned eye for criminal activity, and during this time of year thieves are looking for crimes of opportunity.

“They’re going to go through a neighborhood and they’re going to try and find an easy target,” said Grant.

News 9’s Evan Anderson rode along with Lt. Grant in eastern Oklahoma County and around the Choctaw area.

“When a garage door is open, that’s an open invitation to a burglary,” said Grant.

Each home where crews saw an open garage, Lt. Grant stopped to alert the homeowner.

“There’s been occasions where somebody thought they shut their garage door and it didn’t shut, and they drove off, and you’ve got somebody going through your home that you didn’t invite,” said Grant. “The word gets out what we’re doing, and maybe these people, these bad guys will think twice about messing around in Oklahoma County.”

Sheriff's deputies are patrolling in unmarked vehicles in neighborhoods.

Unfortunately because of man power, the sheriff's office can't do focused patrols like they're doing now year-around.