Former Metro Youth Athletic Organization President Accused Of Embezzlement

Friday, December 4th 2015, 11:36 pm
By: News 9

The president of a metro little league football organization is accused of using it as his own personal bank.

Midwest City investigators say this involves more than $17,000 in cash and a lot of gambling.

Michael Kiesel has been president of The Choctaw-Nicoma Park Youth Athletics organization for 12 years.

So, a lot of parents are surprised to hear allegations that he was stealing the league's money to fuel a gambling problem. 

“It was shocking. I really had no idea at all. None of us,” said Shauna Stover, CNP Youth Athletics Board Secretary.  

Shauna Stover, has a 10-year-old who's a part of the organization.

“We got whatever we asked for, so we didn’t really have a question as to, is there money missing, because the money always seemed to be there. We just never knew how much was supposed to be there,” said Stover.

But in September, members of CNP Youth Athletics did become suspicions.

When Kiesel was interviewed by Midwest City Police about the allegations, he admitted using the organization's account as if it was his own.

According to court documents, investigators reviewed bank statements and noticed there were several unauthorized ATM withdrawals at area casinos.

Money was also allegedly used for trips and personal utility bills.

“He took money from the kids, he took extra’s from the kids,” said Aaron McConnell, Pres., CNP Youth Athletics. “It was very, very surprising, because Mike is a really nice guy.”

Former NFL and arena football player Aaron McConnell is now the league's new president. His two sons are also a part of the program.

“The hardest part about everything is it’s taking away from the kids. It’s taking away from the safety and equipment. We never started with new balls, we never started with some of those things, and you kind of always wondered why, and now obviously we know why,” said McConnell.  

“I was friends with this man, and to find out that things weren’t what I was told, it really hurt my feelings to be honest,” said Stover.

Kiesel is charged with three counts of embezzlement but he has not be been arrested.