Ways Your Smart Phone Can Save Your Life

Tuesday, December 8th 2015, 9:15 am
By: News 9

Gone are the days a phone is used to call, text and even entertain. Now your phone could save your life.

Smartphones have us connected to just about everyone, everywhere and at any time. But now they can do some much more, using technology some never thought possible.

"Once the flip phone came out, I really thought that would be the end of cell phones," said Kevin Conover from CPR Cell Phone Repair.

Not even the professionals like Kevin Conover with CPR Cell phone repair could have imagined a phone's potential. Forget texts and calls. What you hold in your hand could save a life.

"Just like medical ID bracelets, you have the ability to show the same information," said Conover.

Medical ID allows medical providers to see your emergency contacts, allergies and even blood type, all when your phone is locked. Just go to the Health app in your phone and fill out as much info as you want. It can be accessed through the lock screen by pressing emergency and then Medical ID.

Bugle is an app for those who at times don't carry their phone. For example, say you go hiking. You can set a timer on Bugle of when you think you'll return, select a contact or two, and if you're not back by the scheduled time, Bugle will alert your emergency contacts that you have not returned.

Last, another feature that's older, but Conover said is still unknown, Find my iPhone. You can access this through settings, then iCloud, just make sure your find my iPhone option is turned on.

This can help you save your phone, and even something more important like a family member.

"As long as you have your iCloud account information you can log in online and track where they’re at," said Conover.

If you have an Android, the similar apps to Medical ID is “ICE” and Find My iPhone is similar “Find my Mobile Device.”