Brazen Thief Steals Packages From Norman Home In Broad Daylight

Wednesday, December 9th 2015, 6:38 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Police in Norman are looking for a brazen thief who stole packages from in front of a house in broad daylight, and the whole crime was caught on camera.

Security camera video shows the Grinchy thief running up to the home, wearing a shirt that appears to be from a church, and grabbing the packages. 

He got away with about $200 worth of presents that were supposed to be for a 7-year old boy. 

“It’s just shocking. You’re like ‘What?” homeowner Angie Duffy said. “I cannot believe he just ran up to our porch, grabbed something and took off.”

Duffy and her husband put up the security camera never expecting that they'd need it. Now, they're glad they have it, because  they have a clear image of the guy who ripped them off.

Authorities say it isn't uncommon this time of year for thieves to drive around looking for unattended packages.  They suggest having neighbors accept packages for you if you aren't home. 

Or better yet, “If they work in an office where their boss is kind enough to say it’s completely fine to do that, we suggest that because there is someone there and can accept those packages," said Sarah Jensen of the City of Norman.

The Duffys said they're happy to show the thief’s image on TV, hopefully get him arrested, and maybe shame him a little in the process. 

“You know, I don’t want him to continue doing that,” Duffy said. “He’s young enough. Looks like maybe that was just something stupid that he did on a whim and maybe him getting caught will stop him in his tracks.”

A spokeswoman for the U.S. Postal Service told News 9 that what the thief did is a federal crime, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  

If you recognize the man in the video, please call Norman police at (405) 321-1600.