More Pets Diagnosed With Diabetes; How To Prevent It?

Friday, December 11th 2015, 9:34 am
By: News 9

Veterinarians are diagnosing more pets with diabetes.

A new study finds a 32 percent increase in dogs with diabetes and a 16 percent increase in cats.

Like humans, sometimes our pet's pancreas does not produce enough insulin leading to a buildup of glucose in their blood. Symptoms of diabetes in pets can include an increase in thirst, using the restroom, and appetite.

Treatment for diabetes consists of a strict diet and insulin shots. However, veterinarians warn it's important owners know what they're doing when they're giving the shots. They say confusion about a pet's sugar levels can lead to owners giving their dog or cat too much insulin, which can actually lead to death.

So how can you better protect your furry friend from getting diabetes? Veterinarians say it's simple.

Control their diet, make sure they get exercise, and don't give them any scraps from the table. If you're think your pet may be diabetic, get them to the vet so they can check their blood sugar levels.