Popular Christmas Decoration A Hot Target For Thieves

Friday, December 11th 2015, 10:18 am
By: News 9

Families across the country say their Christmas cheer has been stolen. A new hot decoration is a hot target for thieves.

The Star Shower Light Displays shower your home with multiple lights using a red and green laser. They're so popular, a number of stores in several states are actually sold out.

That's why police say thieves want these displays.

The Star Power display is made up of lasers that project light onto a house, eliminating the need for people to climb and hang lights.

Kristen Kennon purchased her Star Power Light Display, she had no idea how easy it would be to steal.

"We ordered two and then ordered two more, which we sent right back because we don't want to take the chance of somebody stealing them," said Kristen Kennon, whose display stolen.

The displays typically cost between $100 to $200.

Security company ADT suggests you put decorations close to your home and places that can't be reached from the street, or try hiding them in some way.