Firefighters Rescue Ada Teen Stuck In Chimney

Friday, December 18th 2015, 7:00 pm

A 13-year old Ada boy has a new respect for Santa’s job after he was stuck in his own chimney for about an hour. Even for long time firefighters, this rescue was a first. 

“Oh yeah.” Ada Assistant Fire Chief Rob Johnson said, “31 years, this is definitely the first. I’ve seen confined space rescue. But chimney rescue, never.”

The boy’s father didn’t want to talk about it on camera. He admitted he’s kind of embarrassed. But he said his son climbed down the fireplace to see if he could get in the house that way, and just got stuck. That’s where he was when firefighters arrived.

“He’s standing on the fire box, about four feet off the ground, and can’t climb out because the walls are so slick.” said Chief Johnson.

So rescuers rigged up a rope on a ladder and lowered a harness down to the teen. 

“He was embarrassed.” Johnson said, “His dad was embarrassed for him. And he was just ready to get out.”

And the fire department suspects the teen won’t do it again.

“(I) Think he learned his lesson.” Johnson said, “Don’t think he’ll ever try it again.”