Metro Family Falls Victim To Flying Ice

Tuesday, December 29th 2015, 10:29 pm
By: News 9

As the ice melts, it's creating a new danger that is falling off cars, bridges and highway signs, and sending it flying through the air. Many Oklahomans have experienced close calls.

“I just heard the loud crash and kind of covered my face, because I didn’t know what was happening and happened to look up, and it was just shattered. Glass in my lap, shoes. It was everywhere,” Nashona Ragland said.

Glass was everywhere just like the ice outside that is frozen to, coating and sticking to anything, and it's especially dangerous when its overhead and then melts just enough to come loose.

It happened to Nashona Ragland and her husband twice in two days. Both of their vehicles were hit by thick, flying sheets of ice.

“He was driving on Sooner Road and went underneath Interstate 40,” she said.

That is when a large ice chunk flew off the bridge and through the windshield of her SUV.

“He went to stop, and as he was slowing down, it just hit the windshield,” Ragland said. “It fell off of the overpass at I-40 and Sooner Road.”

Her husband was not hurt, but it was certainly a close call; the first of two. The very next day, the couple was driving home in their other vehicle when nearly the same thing happened again.

“On I-235 head south, a vehicle passed by us and had ice flying off of it,” she said.

And the ice smashed right through the windshield.

“If someone is passing you, and they have ice on the top there is really nothing you can do about that if it goes airborne which is what happened in our case,” Ragland said.

However, one News 9 viewer wasn't as fortunate. She was driving along when ice broke loose from another vehicle and flew through her windshield, too. It shattered the glass and cut her hands.

“If at all possible, clear all of the ice off of your vehicle,” Ragland said. “Just think about the people who are around you driving."

Ragland said she was able to snap a picture of the vehicle that lost the ice and said her insurance company plans to contact the driver.