Insurance Commissioner Walks Through Wreckage Of NW OKC House Explosion

Wednesday, January 6th 2016, 4:12 pm
By: News 9

Homes closest to Saturday's explosion are mostly empty now. Many residents say they were too damaged to live in.

As investigators dig for more answers, Oklahoma insurance department commissioner John Doak toured those homes Wednesday afternoon.

The commissioner got a firsthand look at all the damage, while many have begun to pick up the pieces and wonder where to go next. 

For those that lost nearly everything in explosion on Whispering Hollow Drive. A visit from state insurance commissioner John Doak was a welcomed sight.

The house erupted into flames after something sparked an explosion while Oklahoma Natural Gas workers were trying to find a leak early Saturday morning.

Wednesday, the commissioner called the damage catastrophic and despite his title his focus is more about people than policies.

The official word on what happened won't be for some time. ONG said they are still working to understand what went wrong and who, if anyone, is to blame.

A spokesperson explained what they know so far in a statement saying, "Natural gas escaped from the main and migrated under the residence. The gas was then ignited by an unknown source."

But Doak said it’s those unknowns in life that make having insurance so important.

ONG says it will have its investigation finished and ready for release by February. 

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