Metro Couple Fights With Landlord To Repair Heating

Friday, January 8th 2016, 6:01 pm
By: News 9

New developments in a tenant-landlord dispute News 9 first told you about last August. It involves an elderly disabled cancer patient. 

Veldon Gray, 76, and his wife Betty live in an apartment on South Portland and 33rd Street. The Gray’s say their heating doesn’t work. 

Their landlord Jay Aghajan said the Gray’s are a landlord’s worst nightmare, because they complain all of the time. 

When News 9 went to the Gray’s small apartment Friday afternoon, the electric heaters did appear to be working, but not at full-capacity. Thursday, an OG&E Representative inspected the electricity situation in the apartment, and left a note that electrical issues need to be addressed “ASAP.”

Aghajan sent men over to the apartment to work on the heaters Friday, but Betty Gray sent them away because they couldn’t prove they were licensed electricians. Aghajan called and faxed News 9 Friday night, to let us know he sent licensed electricians over later Friday and fixed the heating problem. He also said Betty Gray has been housing a pot-belly pig, which OKC Animal Welfare told News 9 is illegal to house such an animal in a small apartment.  

News 9 first heard about the Grays’ dispute with Aghajan back in August, when they claimed he went back on a promise to have a wheelchair ramp installed outside their apartment. Aghajan eventually allowed volunteers to install the ramp.  

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