Shawnee Police Searching For Suspects Involved In Check Fraud Scheme

Wednesday, January 13th 2016, 4:01 pm
By: News 9

Investigators are looking for two suspects wanted in a check fraud scheme.

Shawnee Police Detective Jason Crouch said the suspects were able to access the victim's checking account information and use that information to create fake checks.

The checks were then used to purchase $2,500 worth of computer equipment at a local store.

Surveillance cameras captured video of the suspects purchasing the items. The pair later returned the items to the store to get cash back.

"The crooks are getting smarter as far as stealing peoples identification," Crouch said the suspect also manufactured identification cards in order to pass the checks.

Florence Tidwell never suspected someone was spending her money.

"If you have never had this happen to you before you really don’t know what to do," Tidwell said," to not know how it’s happening and how people can do this to you is just flooring."

It’s unclear how the suspects got ahold of Tidwell's checking account information but law enforcement are reporting more instance of this type of check fraud.

"I know there are some rings around in central Oklahoma where it is a big business," said Crouch.

So, there's the potential to solve several cases by identifying the suspects in this one.

"It needs to stop....  we get up and we go to work and we work for our money and the things that we have, not for someone to just come and take them away from us," said Tidwell.

If you recognize the suspects call Shawnee Police at (405) 273-2121.