Suspects Accused Of Poaching, Trashing Area Near Fort Cobb Lake

Thursday, January 14th 2016, 5:54 pm
By: News 9

A group of men from Oklahoma City are accused of more than 50 hunting violations after game wardens were called to a campsite near Fort Cobb Lake. And it all came to light because one person picked up the phone.

“This is a public place and look at it!” Lt. James Edwards said.

Edwards believes five men are responsible for trashing the area near the lake. While on one last hurrah over the holiday break, they are accused of dumping duck and deer carcasses all over and accused of disrespect on more than one level.

“It’s not respectful of the animal. It’s not respectful of the property. It’s not respectful of the people who have to deal with it,” he explained.

Lt. Edwards said the mess the men made could result in 56 violations - no permits, no regard for the season, or land.

“The break in the case came whenever we had a receipt that was found from a sporting goods store. It was actually adjacent to the fire, underneath the chair,” he said.

The men, who live in Oklahoma City, were not arrested, just interviewed. And now it's up to the district attorney to decide which charges will actually be filed. In total, the fines could top $25,000.

But for Lt. Edwards, it's not about burying someone under a mountain of fines or throwing them in jail.

All they ask for is compliance with the fish and wildlife laws.

Whatever their punishment may be, he hopes it’s enough to get their attention and teach them something.

Just as Lt. Edwards left the interview with News 9, he said he went to the other side of the lake and found two more illegally killed deer.