Yukon Mother Says Man Followed Daughter, No Police Response

Friday, January 15th 2016, 6:35 pm
By: Grant Hermes

It's a call no mother ever wants to get, but it was the one Tammy Badger got Thursday afternoon.

“I get a phone call 'Mom there's somebody at the door! He's knocking at the door,’ ‘Ok take a picture. I'm calling 911,’” Badger said as she recounted the frantic conversation with her daughter.

She said her ten-year-old daughter told her she got off the school bus and was followed down their Yukon neighborhood by two men in a white pickup truck she didn't know.

The bus home from school stops about 50 yards from the Badger home. When it stopped, that's when Badger’s daughter said she noticed the men in the white truck. She then said he followed her for several houses, right to her front door.

“There's four houses between the bus stop and your front door. That was it!,” Badger said. “That quick, she could've been gone that quick.”

But for Badger, it's not so much what happened, but what didn't when she called police.  No one showed up. So she called again and got a very unexpected response.

“I was told ‘It's kind of busy out there right now,’ which is not something a mom wants to hear when her kids are home and there's someone aggressively at the door trying to get in,” Badger said.

Badger said she had to drive to the station to file a report the following day, nearly 24 hours after the incident.

“It is concerning. I thought you could call 911 if there was an emergency, especially almost a child abduction. I would assume that would be a priority.”

Her husband was able to find the man through the neighborhood’s Facebook page. The man told him he was a roofer looking for work and was in the area handing out business cards. But the Badgers said they never found a card and their neighborhood has a strict "no soliciting policy."

“I don't care what your profession is.” Tammy Badger said. “You follow my daughter home, you're a monster.”

Everyone is alright. Her daughter was home with her big sister and her dad was home in less than 20 minutes. But Tammy said she's still shaken.

“It's in the back of my mind because you think of all the what ifs and we watch the news and know what can happen.”

The Oklahoma City Police Department responded after News 9's 6 p.m. broadcast and made the following statement: " The close proximity to the city of Yukon can sometimes complicated police response. Police officials have made contact with the victim". They said they are looking into the matter.