Garvin Co. Shooting Suspect Released From Prison Early

Tuesday, January 19th 2016, 2:33 pm

The two suspects in Monday’s double shooting in Garvin County were arraigned Tuesday.  

21-year-old Trevor Noland and 18-year-old Roger Arles both faces charges. 

According to police, Noland and Arles stole a pickup from three of their friends, and shot two of them in the head. 

Police think Noland pulled the trigger. 

Noland’s mother, Carol, was at the courthouse for the arraignment.

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“I can’t see him doing that to anybody in his right mind,” Carol Noland said.

According to court documents, Noland and Arles lured Jackson Ty McMahan, 19; Justin Kozarevich, 19; and Martina Lane, 18, to Wynnewood to rob them. 

Court records show Noland shot McMahan and Kozarevich, then tried to shoot Lane but missed. 

Investigators believe Noland and Arles then drove off in the stolen pickup, turned around and Noland opened fire again, shooting at McMahan and Kozarevich as they lay bleeding on the ground. 

He then, according to court documents, pointed the gun at Lane and pulled the trigger but the .22 caliber gun had had run out of bullets.

Just 12 days ago, Noland was released from prison after serving just half of a three year sentence for illegally possessing a gun. 

Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes said Noland wouldn’t have had the opportunity to shoot anyone if he had served out his full sentence.

“If he had been serving that three year sentence that was imposed on him those two people would not have been shot and the female would not have been shot at,” he said.

Noland's mother said even her son said he shouldn't have been released early.  

“He told me he felt like he should have not got out,” she said. “He wasn’t … it’s like he’s so used to being locked up.”

Carol Noland said her son suffers from schizophrenia and has bipolar disorder and refuses to take his medication. 

She said he's also addicted to meth, leading to violent outbursts. She said the last place her son should be is prison.  

“I feel so bad for these families.” Carol Noland said. “But he needs help and the prison is not help.”

Noland is being held on $1 million bond.