Head Sex Crimes Investigator In Holtzclaw Case To Speak Exclusively With News 9

Wednesday, January 20th 2016, 11:36 am
By: News 9

On the eve of the sentencing for former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, News 9 got to talk with the sex crimes detective who helped build the criminal case against him.

Detective Kim Davis is a veteran with the Oklahoma City Police Department and has 15 years of experience as an investigator.

“I have always been very proud to say I am an Oklahoma City police officer,” Davis said. “And that put a little bit of embarrassment that 'oh my gosh, one of us intentionally hurt somebody.'”

Davis personally questioned Holtzclaw and nine of the victims who came forward, including Jannie Ligons who shared her story with News 9, and then later the world.

“He admitted to stopping her,” Davis said. “He admitted to everything but the sex acts.”

But Davis said sex was not the motive for the crime.

“I don't think it was for the sex at all,” Davis said. “He did it because he could. He intimidated them, he held things over their head and that's all power.”

Davis said even though they were able to get 13 women to testify against Holtzclaw, she thinks there are more victims out there.

She said at least two women scheduled interviews and then did not show up.

“People don't want to go through that, they don't want to sit on the stand and have every bad thing in your life drummed up.  So I know we didn't find all the victims,” Davis said. “A lot of these girls think because of their history and their lifestyles that nobody cares and a lot of people don't.”

Davis was there for every day of the trial, and was just feet away from Holtzclaw when the judge read the verdict when Holtzclaw broke down.

“I think that was just for himself,” Davis said about Holtzclaw’s emotional reaction to the conviction. “I don't think there was any remorse or sorrow for what he had done.”

Davis said she will be in the courtroom Thursday for Holtzclaw's formal sentencing.