GRAPHIC: Transcribed Dialogue From Daniel Holtzclaw Interrogation Video

Thursday, February 4th 2016, 7:32 pm
By: News 9

(Daniel Holtzclaw walks into the room)

Kim Davis, Sex Crimes Detective - “You got to piss or anything?”

Holtzclaw - “I Can hold it”

You can see once he is left alone, he sits down and tries to get comfortable, looking around as he waits to talk with the sex crimes detective.

About 2 minutes later, Davis comes in and makes idle chit chat with Holtzclaw.

K – “I know you’re an officer and I know you’ve seen these a thousand times and read them yourself. You can still ask me any questions if you have one. There’s rumors flying and we tried to do it as quietly as we could and that’s why we took you out the front and stuff. This is going to make the rumors go away.”

Davis tries to make Holtzclaw feel as comfortable as she can during the start of the interview, and then reads him his Miranda rights.

Also present during the interview, Sex Crimes detective Rocky Gregory, who enters and sits off camera. Holtzclaw agreed to speak with the detectives without an attorney present.

H - “I’ve read the statement of my rights and understand what my rights are.”

Davis proceeds make small talk with Holtzclaw.

D – “You haven’t heard any rumors?”

H – “I haven’t heard any rumors. So when I walked into the station I see captain lean over, not unusual. The captain looked at me and I’ve seen you and the captain. I’ve never seen you.

D – “There was a traffic stop.”

H – “Right.”

D – “That somebody had made some allegations an officer. They don’t know the officer’s name, none of that. And you said you made a traffic stop after work?”

H – “Yep.”

D – “But you didn’t call it in?”

H – “I Didn’t call it in.”

D – “Where was that?”

H – “It was about northeast 50th and Lincoln, just to the west.”

D – “Tell me about that stop.”

H – “I was going westbound on northeast 50th, probably about a block just east of Lincoln. I see a red Grand Prix or Grand AM in my right lane on the outside lane. I’m on the inside lane. The car swerves and at the time I’m thinking, ‘OK it’s probably a drunk person’ or maybe got excited because he saw a cop.”

That was the June 2014 stop of Jannie Ligons, who testified Holtzclaw assaulted her.

H – “[I] made contact, it was a black female. I asked for license and insurance. She stated she didn’t have insurance. She gave me an ID.”

Holtzclaw proceeds to tell Davis his version of what happened during that stop. Then Davis asks this question.

D – “How was she? Was she respectful? Was she not?”

H – “She felt like she was nervous and what not. And I’m like, ‘Why are you nervous?’ And she was even crying. I’m like, ‘Why are you crying? Why are you nervous?’ What not. I told her, ‘I don’t really want to take you to jail for no SDL or anything. I just got off work. I’m tired.’”

Davis continues to ask questions about the stop and then drops this bombshell.

D – “Was there anything, an accidental touch, anything?”

H – “If she thought it when I pat searched her, but it was nothing as far as I felt like I would do anything as far as sexual or anything like that. For my safety I just checked to see if there were weapons or anything.”

Holtzclaw even offers to show Davis, but then Davis tells Holtzclaw that a woman says he made her lift up her shirt and expose her breasts.

D – “She’s saying that you made her lift up her shirt and when she lifted up her shirt she exposed her breasts.”

H – “I asked her, ‘Is there anything inside your bra?’ And she said no. So I was like ok, and she was like, ‘You want me to show you?’ And I said no.”

D – “But could she have been Woohoo! flashing you? And now you don’t want to tell me because you are afraid you are going to get in trouble?”

H – “No, no. When I told her no, I said ‘No.’”

D – “You didn’t see no boobies?”

H – “I didn’t see her breasts.”

Davis continues to ask Holtzclaw about the allegations, and how his accuser says he forced her to pull her pants down as well. Again Holtzclaw denies it ever happened. He admits he did use a flashlight to search the woman and her car, but time and time again says nothing sexual in nature happened during that stop.

Twenty minutes into the interrogation Holtzclaw is asked to perform a buccal swab test to collect his DNA, which he consents to.

(Holtzclaw gets swabbed)

D- “Say Ahhhh.”

Twenty-four minutes into the tape, Gregory tells Holtzclaw they have pulled surveillance video around the traffic stop and tell him his accuser has taken a rape test as well. Holtzclaw remains calm and when asked if he plans to stick to his story, he says ‘Yes sir.’

G – “Any reason why your penis would be out?”

H – “No.”

G – “Nothing?”

H – “Nothing.”

Davis then goes on to talk about what can be collected and discovered off the SANE exam that was collected, including skin cells and other DNA evidence.

D – “Did your penis go in her mouth?”

H – “No it did not.”

Davis tries to give Holtzclaw one more chance to change his story and to tell the truth.

D – “We can fall on the sword.”

H – “OK.”

D – “And say, ‘I screwed up or something.’ But if we say, ‘We didn’t do it. We didn’t do it. We didn’t do it.” And then the DNA comes back and says he did it, then we have a huge problem.

But Holtzclaw doesn’t waver. And remains calm, cool and collected while the detectives continue their interrogation.

H – “I’m sticking to my story.”

Detectives then start asking Holtzclaw if he remembers giving a woman a ride to the City Rescue Mission or anywhere else downtown and he says he does not remember doing any of those stops.

H – “I’ve heard of officers going through this and what not and that’s not what I want my rap to be.”

The detectives go on to ask questions about Holtzclaw, about his sex life, if he’s ever been accused of anything, and if there is anything that can help them clear him. But there’s nothing offered by Holtzclaw. They even ask Holtzclaw if his accuser offered to perform a sexual act on him, but he said no and that all he remembered is that she was nervous and crying.

Almost an hour into the interview, Davis asks Holtzclaw to go over the stop he made with his accuser one more time, just to make sure she didn’t miss anything of his account of what happened.

H – “I wasn’t threatening her.”

D – “Did she ever ask you if you were going to shoot her?”

H – “She did. She was talking about a pistol all the time and talking about guns and what not and I’m like, ‘Calm down. I’m not going to shoot you or anything like that.’”

D – “Did she think you were going to shoot her?”

H – “Maybe.”

The detectives continue to interrogate Holtzclaw about the stop and asked specific questions.

D – “Any way your skin cells are going to be anywhere on her mouth?”

H – “No.”

D – “Skin cells from your fingernails?”

H – “No.”

D – “Did she ever say, ‘You shouldn’t do this?’”

H - (Shakes his head no)

D – “Or, ‘I can’t do this?’”

H – “No.”

At the end of the interview, Davis tells Holtzclaw she doesn’t believe him, but he still doesn’t waver and continues to keep his cool. He tells Gregory he is feeling attacked and just wants the DNA stuff done.

And two hours into the interview, Holtzclaw is asked to remove his uniform pants so they can be taken for DNA testing. He is given a dark pair of police issued shorts and a shirt. He is then given his cell phone and he calls his girlfriend to tell him he is heading home to tell her what has just happened. He ends the call with, “I love you”.