Security Officers Use Taser Against Alleged Shoplifters At Metro Grocery Store

Thursday, February 11th 2016, 6:17 pm
By: News 9

A couple in Edmond was arrested after shoplifting at a local grocery store, but it's what happened outside the store that caught more attention.

Police said Cissy Jones and Joshua Pardi were caught swiping merchandise from several different aisles, and store security was not about to let them get away with it.

Cell phone video of officers tasing a suspect surfaces often, but the type of officer makes a difference.

In cases that involve police officers, the department reviews any questionable use of a taser and often places the officer on administrative leave while an investigation is conducted. However, the officers in the released cell phone video are security officers, and policies of a police department don't apply to them.

The video was shot by a customer at Crest Foods in Edmond. Another customer called 911.

"The caller thought that somebody had a gun. So it came in as a fight with weapon call,” said Edmond Police Department Spokesperson Jenny Wagnon.

A taser can be heard repeatedly after police say Cissy Jones and Joshua Pardi were caught shoplifting.

"When the male suspect was leaving the store that's when they went after him and ended up chasing him out into the parking lot, and that’s where they had their altercation,” Wagnon said. "We did ask the loss prevention officers if they wanted to pursue assault and battery charges against the suspect, and they declined that part of it."

Crest Foods told News 9 its store security is handled by an outside security business. We know the officers hired by that company are CLEET certified, but there is no supervision of their taser use. Police say it is an issue that has to be taken to court.

"This would be a civil case,” Wagnon said.

"Was there more force used than necessary used to detain that individual?" Attorney Kent McGuire said. "That's going to be the question. If a case is pursued that would be a judge and then a jury perhaps."

Pardi was taken to OU Medical Center where he was medically cleared before being booked into jail.