Red Dirt Diaries: Edmond Couple Celebrates 75th Wedding Anniversary

Friday, February 12th 2016, 7:23 pm
By: Karl Torp

Just two days before Valentine’s Day, a metro couple is celebrating a major marriage milestone.

Charles and Millie McGregor say they don't need photos to remember the magical moment they met more than 80 years ago.

“Our two schools had baseball games. I was in charge of the water bucket and he got a lot of drinks,” said Millie.

“I was thirty all the time,” said Charles.

That first spark, there was an attraction there. And the fire is still going strong.

This week, the couple marks their 75th wedding anniversary!

“The night we were married we read the bible together and prayed together before we went to bed,” said Millie.

The McGregor’s said faith has been the glue for life. They have four daughters, 11 grandchildren, and 27 great-grandchildren.

“They are the best grandchildren,” said Millie.

“You shouldn’t get her started on her grandchildren,” teased Charles.

You also shouldn’t get the 96-year-old and soon to be 95-year-old started on something else – Basketball.

The two were both good basketball players growing up in Kansas. So along with their weekly routine playing Bingo, the two are some of the biggest Thunder fans around.

“We got a schedule so we know when every game comes on,” said Millie. “If they all played as hard as Westbrook nobody will beat them.”

While the McGregor’s are so appreciative of the letter from two governors, two former presidents, and one astronaut congratulating them on 75 years, Millie wants a little more.

“I would like to meet Kevin Durant,” said Millie.

The couple said the Thunder superstar is always invited.

And Charles promises to stop with the free coaching advice.

“Those are just some of the things – I’d better shut up,” said Charles.

There’s album space ready if Durant does come by.

But they’ll stay side by side for the next game if he doesn’t.