'Yes All Daughters' Pushing For Better Sex Education In Oklahoma

Friday, February 12th 2016, 10:56 pm
By: News 9

A grassroots victim’s advocacy organization is pushing for better sex education in Oklahoma. The group believes two newly introduced bills are the key to better education targeting not only students, but their parents as well.

Yes All Daughters calls Oklahoma's current sex education inadequate. They say too few students are informed and not enough parents are talking to their kids about their relationships.

“We keep seeing these stories in the news where teachers are raping students and students are raping students we're obviously not doing enough. Something else has to be done,” said Stacey Wright, Yes All Daughters co-founder.

Wright believes the solution will come from better education. It's why the group has worked with legislatures since the fall to develop House Bill 2959 and Senate Bill 1383. The legislation would target not only student education, but also provide more resources to parents for tackling the hard topics with their kids.

“We have generations of people here in Oklahoma that never had the talk, that never got this information. So, it's no wonder that we keep seeing these issues locally when parents aren't equipped to talk to their kids about these topics,” said Wright.

Representative George Young and Senator John Sparks are partnering with Yes All Daughters on the bills.

Following the arrests of five Cleveland County wrestlers charged with multiple counts of rape and the rape and bullying of two Norman High teens in 2014, Wright believes better education is needed now more than ever.

Wright said currently, Oklahoma ranks among the worst states in the country for sexual assault and relationship violence.

“We're willing to throw anything at the wall and see if we can curve these awful statistics,” she said.

Yes All Daughters has teamed up with the Norman PTA to host an event for parents called "THE Talk" to provide parents tools start having open dialogues with their kids. This will happen on Saturday from 10-12:30 at Norman High School.

Click here for more information on “THE Talk” events.