Anti-Abortion Group Outraged By Apple Software Change

Saturday, February 13th 2016, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Cellphone software has anti-abortion advocates outraged. They are now asking Apple to make changes to how Siri answers a certain request.

It's been a heated topic for years and one that's been ongoing long before iPhone and Siri ever existed.

However, a national business magazine found that Apple stopped including adoption centers in search results for people who were searching for abortion and instead replaced it with planned parenthood results.

It's happened in many states across the country including Oklahoma.

"With abortion providers all that came up was planned parenthood,” Paul Blair, of Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma, said. “Well, I guess that's how they wanted it to work. So, it worked, according to Planned Parenthoods design."

But there are several reasons that could be behind the results and why Planned Parenthood is found at the top of the list. While some anti-abortion groups believe there may be a motive behind it, Planned Parenthood can assist people with abortions and make it a legitimate search result.

"They are doing a wonderful job of catering to or trying to respond to the request of a customer in planned parenthood. We would like to ask them to do the same thing to pro-life here in the state of Oklahoma,” Blair said.

When News 9 searched the term, Planned Parenthood secured the top three spots, but according to the study, that hasn't always been the case until recently.

Now the anti-abortion group Protect Life and Marriage Oklahoma wants adoption centers to be just as prevalent. Blair has written a letter to Apple on the group's behalf asking for the same treatment.

"We understand them wanting to respond to their customers request,” he said. “We're asking them to be responsive to providing adequate information."

News 9 was unable to contact Planned Parenthood. As far as Apple, Blair said he'll be waiting for a response.