Classic Cars Bring Back Memories At Leake Auction In OKC

Friday, February 19th 2016, 12:52 pm
By: Grant Hermes

For three days each year Oklahoma City is the center of the car universe thanks to the hundreds of unique cars at the Leake Auto Auction.

This year, the show features a one of a kind collection that, for car lovers, is about a nostalgic need for speed.

The collection is 40 classic Corvettes from a single garage. Collector Tom Falbo decided to put his cars up for auction, without reserve.

“No reserve is there's no minimum bid,” auction president Richard Sevenoaks said. “Whatever the last bid is that's the person that's going to own the car. So a lot of people come in here thinking they're going to steal a car.”

Sevenoakes is related by marriage to the Griffin family which owns KWTV.

Most of the ‘vettes, as wide-eyed auction goers lovingly referred to them, are all original builds including the super rare L89 Corvette. It’s one of 16 ever made.

But many aren't impressed by sticker price or auction potential. They're after something money can't buy.

“It's bringing back memories. From the old days to the current,” car lover Bob Blazse said.

Blazse said he’s loved cars his whole life. He started buying Hot Rod magazine in 1954 and worked on cars in high school. He said just being near them is a drive down memory lane.

“It’s the sounds of them and even the smells of the older cars. Because when you get into some of the old restored car it has a certain smell,” he said with a smile.

The cars weren’t just for the boys either. Plenty of women turned out on the first day of the auction to get a gander at what some called “jewelry on wheels.”

“It's just artwork, the style the speed the colors, it's just ahead of its time,” Gina Bankston said.

She and her husband own a small lot in Newcastle and came to admire the cars.

A nostalgic pull that auctioneers hope will help drive bids this weekend.

“You're reliving your youth man!” Sevenoaks said, “It's all emotion. That's what makes this car business great!”

The auctions run all weekend long in the Cox Pavillion at Oklahoma State Fair Park.