Blanchard Authorities Warn Residents Of Police Impersonator

Wednesday, February 24th 2016, 7:05 pm
By: News 9

Wednesday, Blanchard police put out a warning about a man pulling drivers over pretending to be police.

So far, three women have stopped when pulled over by the impersonator in the rural part of the city.

The first encounter with the man impersonating police was last Friday night, just south of town. It then happened two more times, same spot, same time.

A single red beacon light is all these women reported seeing when they were pulled over on 280th near Tyler Road in Blanchard.

“Nobody uses those types of lights anymore,” said Chief Stacey White.

It was a true red flag for Laci Dushane Saturday, as she drove to her sister's home in Dibble.

“I'm thinking it's Blanchard it's a small town. I got kind of leery about it but I went ahead and I stopped,” said Dushane.

Still unsure if the man in a white, unmarked Tahoe was an officer she cracked her window when he came to her car.

“The first thing he said to me was you need to turn your car off. And I have never ever been told that by a police officer,” she said.

When he asked for ID she decided to only give the man her driver's license number. Her skepticism grew when he pulled out his phone to check the number and saw a map app opened on his phone.

The suspect wore a black cap, black shirt and jeans.  He had handcuffs, but no gun.

“I actually used to work at Oklahoma County and Grady County and I was real familiar with a lot of even the undercovers or detectives. They always have a badge or they have a hat something that identifies them,” she said.

The man got spooked that night and took off when he saw another’s headlights on the road.

“Lot of times it's a power trip thing. They want to feel like they have authority, power you know by pulling people over,” said Chief White.

To police, it's no game and they're taking the three reports seriously.

“This could be more of a concern then someone that's got a power trip or a wanna be cop, this could be something potentially even more serious,” said Chief White.

Chief Stacey White said there's no mistaking a true Blanchard police vehicle with red and blue LED lights all over.

If you ever question someone pulling you over, call 911 immediately. If you are afraid Chief White said drive slowly to a spot well lit to pull over.