Family Dog Goes Missing Following Edmond Earthquake

Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, 7:23 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond family said an earthquake toppled their huge brick wall and eventually caused their dog to run off.

The family is desperate to bring the dog home. They adopted him when he was found wandering around after the Moore tornado.

Now, the Smedstad family said another natural disaster sent him back to the streets.

“The entire thing was gone, the entire thing came down,” said Holly Smedstad.

Smedstad said an earthquake in the middle of the night sent a huge neighborhood retaining wall crashing to the ground near Covell and Coltrane.

“I'm grateful it happened at night at least so that nobody was hurt or killed,” Smedstad told News 9.

However, it caused a problem that ultimately led to the escape of Bennie their Boston Terrier.

While the Homeowners Association pays for construction crews to rebuild the wall, a temporary fence went up.

“At some point there must have been a gap after the men were finished working and Bennie got out, he trotted down a few houses on the other side of the brick fence and someone stopped to pick him up,” Smedstad recalled.

Smedstad said a neighbor saw a car stop to get Bennie, but the car was gone before she could get closer. That was Sunday, February 28.

The Smedstads have not seen Bennie since then.

The family lives in the same neighborhood where another earthquake toppled a chimney at the end of December.

“It could have been any number of things, but you know you don't see brick walls falling for no reason after that much earth shifting,” Smedstad said.

The Smedstads adopted Bennie three years ago from a rescue after the Moore tornado. Now an earthquake has his family in pieces.

“It's been difficult to have one of our family members missing,” Smedstad explained. 

“We miss him very, very much,” she added.

The family is now offering a $500 reward for Bennie. If you have seen him, call 405-642-5662. He is micro-chipped and wears his tags on his collar.

The family has already checked the local animal shelters.

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